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January 6, 2013
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The next day, which was a Saturday, Gilbert made his way to Matthew's apartment. He didn't know that on the paper, it said weekends were a bad time to come. Gilbert groaned as he knocked on the door. He heard shuffling, then a very pissed off Matthew. "I thought today would be a good time to study." Gilbert reasoned, making Matthew sigh in annoyance. He got out his 'speaking' pad and wrote something. 'You dumb twat, I wrote I'm full for the weekends on the paper!' Matthew wrote, before locking his door and starting to walk away. Gilbert, being the curious guy he was, started to follow him.

After walking a couple blocks, Matthew entered a bookstore, not to Gilbert's surprise. A
mute guy working in a bookstore? A good match. Gilbert still walked in, only to see a mass multitude of book, but Matthew walked over to the kid's section, and was promptly hugged by a small girl. "Mattie! You're back!" The little girl said with glee, as Matthew keeled down and hugged her back. 'Nice to see you again, Amelia.' Matthew signed, and Amelia proceeded to hug him again. Gilbert couldn't help but 'aw' silently. That was a cute scene, even though he had no idea what they just said.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Gilbert's head. He walked down the aisle that had languages labeled and ran his pale hand over the covers until he found the book he was looking for. Sign language. Still remembering he was in the bookstore, he rang up the book and left the store for home, eager to actually read something that didn't come from his brother's smut closet.

After a few hours of reading the huge book, Gilbert was confident he could have a full conversation with his tutor. As he turned another page, a picture slipped out, and Gilbert saw a beautiful woman in the picture, which looks familiar to Matthew. Gilbert picked the slightly brunt picture up and turned the card.

Madeline Williams.

Gilbert blinked in surprise. 'So, zhis is Matthew's mom?' Gilbert asked himself, staring at the women again. As much as the woman was beautiful…why was a picture of Matthew's mom in the sign language book he bought?

The next day, Gilbert followed Matthew to another place, which was another house, or more like a mansion. Matthew rang the doorbell, and a nice lady who had long pigtails and emerald eyes appeared at the door. "Oh why hello there Matthew! Who's your friend?" Matthew blink in stupor before turning around and seeing Gilbert, and became very pissed. "He's allowed to come in if you like!" Matthew just sighed and nodded, but before he entered the household, he shoved another paper at Gilbert before walking in. Gilbert read the paper and smirking to himself before walking in as well.

Next time, ask before you follow me!

"Mattie!" Amelia cried out and hugged Matthew like yesterday. "I'm so happy you could come today!"  Matthew smiled and hugged Amelia back. Amelia dragged Matthew over to the grand piano in another room, which they called the 'Music' room because of all the instruments in the room. Amelia and Matthew sat on the bench infront of the piano before opening the cover. Matthew tip-toed his way down the bars, making Amelia giggled. Gilbert looked in awe. Was that really the same person who just stomped on his foot on Friday?
'So, what do you want to play?' Matthew asked, signing it. "River Flows in you please! But can I hear you play it first?" Amelia asked with excitement. Matthew nodded his head as he started playing.

Gilbert had never heard anyone play a song like that, well, maybe Roderich, but he never played anything else other than Chopin. Matthew was actually expressing the music, as if he was the one who made it.

After the song was done, Amelia, Alice, and Gilbert applauded for Matthew who just smiled and blushed in embarrassment. "I know! I'll play 'The 3rd'!....Mattie, can you also play that piece for me?" Amelia asked, while Alice chuckled.  "Amelia, if you keep asking, then you won't be able to play at all!" Amelia pouted. "But Mattie plays the best songs!" Gilbert chuckled. Matthew smiled again and turned to the piano. Alice tapped Gilbert shoulder, as Gilbert turned around, she offered a smile. "Would you like a cup of tea?" Gilbert nodded and walked out the door with Alice.

Alice handed Gilbert a cup of black tea, and Gilbert thank her fully, sipping the tea. "So, how long have you and Matthew been friends?" Gilbert shook his head. "No, he's just my tutor, and I wanted to see why he isn't available on weekends." Alice shook her head and sighed. "What a shame, you seem like a great friend to Matthew, since he only has one friend." Gilbert chocked on his tea. "One friend?" Gilbert repeated, surprised. Alice nodded her head. "Yes, I believe his name was Carlos. They've been friends ever since middle school. All of his other friends moved away." Gilbert was still surprised. One does not have simply one friend. "Yes, Matthew was quite shy as a child, and would hide behind his mother, who was actually my sister. Poor thing…Madeline passed away when he was only seven…" Gilbert could feel his heart break at the sad tale. "Mommy! Can Mattie stay for a little longer, please!?" Amelia pleaded, breaking out her puppy dog eyes. "I'm sorry dear, but Matthew has to go home. Your lesson ended a long time ago." Gilbert looked at the clock and gawked. It was already six p.m.! Alice pulled out her wallet and gave Matthew a hundred dollars. "Thank you for playing for Amelia, Matthew, I'll see you next Sunday." And with that Matthew and Gilbert waved goodbye to Alice and Amelia.

After walking Matthew to his apartment, he handed Matthew the picture. "I found it vhen I vas reading a book." Matthew stared at the picture before stashing it away. 'Thank you Gilbert.' Matthew signed, smiling at Gilbert, who smiled as well. "See ya later!" Gilbert yelled as ran away from Matthew, and Gilbert failed to notice Matthew had tears running down his face.

After entering his apartment, Matthew pulled out the picture and broke down. "Mama…" Matthew said in his underused voice, sobbing. He could remember the smoke that came from their old house, his mother rushing into the building, and seconds later, the building crashed to the ground.  Matthew's chest started to constrict as an anxiety attack started to take over Matthew's body. Without thinking, Matthew stood up and made his way towards his kitchen.


Matthew got up from his crumpled position on his kitchen floor. 'What happened last night?' Matthew asked himself and tried to move his left arm, and wincing. Now he remembers what happened. Matthew just covered his wrist as he walked into the bathroom to clean himself up.

After spending a half hour of cleaning, Matthew look decent and so did his kitchen. Matthew glanced at the clock before starting to change. It was only six, but that didn't stop him. Same routine as any morning, change, eat and then go.

Matthew arrived at school, on another Monday. Most people hate Mondays, but Matthew kinda likes them. It's the only day the music room is open when school is not open yet. Matthew entered the dimly lighted room and makes his way to the piano. Still kinda shocks him that only Roderich, that Austria guy, and himself are the only ones who play the piano in the school. Matthew opened the cover of the piano and brushed his fingers over the ivory, loving the feel. He sat down and played one of the songs he learned as a kid. Even though it was an older piece, he still loved it nonetheless.

Matthew began the piece, putting a lot of emotion as he played. He didn't know that someone was passing by and stayed to hear him play. He stomped on the pedal when he was at the chorus, adding more emphasis, making the other person very intrigued.  After Matthew finished the song, he wasn't expecting someone to applaud.  Matthew turned around, surprised, and his eyes widen as well. 'That's…!'

"Hey Mattie. Long time no see."
Second chapter, And Matthew has a panic attack about his deceased mother and......decides to get new ones.

The piano pieces are

1. Yiruma, River flows in you- [link]

2. The 3rd- [link]

3. Numb- [link]

Hetalia- Guy who made it

Story- Me
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