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January 1, 2013
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It was already a summer evening as a lone child sat there, hugging his knees and crying softly to himself. He lost track of his older brother and his Papa, and felt so alone. "Hey!" A voice rung out, directed at him. The boy looked up, his wavy, blonde hair moving, and when his head was fully up, a long, stubborn curl was in front of his face. Matthew Williams stared into the eyes of another child, who had ruby eyes and snow white hair. "What are you doing?" The albino asked Matthew, making Matthew blink a bit in confusion. He pointed at himself. "M-me…?" Matthew asked in that quiet voice of his. The albino walked over and ruffled Matthew's head. "Man, you talk quietly! I am the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt! But you can call me Gil!"  Matthew stared at Gilbert with bewilderment. "You…can see me…?" Matthew asked, which Gilbert looked with dumbfound look. "Eh? What kind of question is that!?"  Matthew looked at the strange kid he just met. "Well, only my Papa and brother can remember who I am…more or less sees me…anyway, my name is Matthew Williams…not that you'll remember…" Matthew explained, hugging his stuffed bear. Gilbert looked at Matthew before ruffling his hair once again. "Kesesesese~ What do you mean, 'I won't remember'? I am the awesome Gilbert, und I swear I won't ever forget you, Matthew!" Gilbert said as he stood up. "I know! I'll call you Birdie! Ja, I like that! What will help me to never forget you?" Matthew looked at Gilbert, who had his pinky extended to him. "P-promise to stay my friend..?" Matthew asked, while Gilbert just laughed and entangle his pinky with Mattie's.


Matthew opened his eyes slowly as he sighed, turning over to his side. It’s been YEARS ever since he and his childhood friend made that promise, yet it haunts him as if it as only yesterday he made that promise.

Matthew didn’t make any sound whatsoever as he sat up from his position on the bed, looking at the alarm clock next to the bed he was temporarily lying on.

5 AM.

Matthew stared at the clock before reaching over to get his glasses. It was about time to wake up anyway, so why not now?

Matthew has been living alone ever since he was a little kid, around the age of ten probably. Why? Well…he lost his father in a car accident, and his brother moved to their aunt’s house. Matthew sighed harshly at himself for remembering the past events.

He couldn’t change the past, so he had to move on.

Already five minutes into waking up, he already hated this day.


By 5:30 AM, he was already out the door.

Thanks to the lack of light, Matthew stumbled down the stairs, cursing as he face planted into the sidewalk. At least his glasses fell off his face beforehand. He hated the world right now as he regretfully picked himself up.

If his aunt would allow him to, he would’ve become a neet.

Matthew unlocked his bike from the nearby tree he chained it to, placing the lock in the messenger bag he used for school.

‘Another day, another hell.’ He thought as he began to pedal.

If anyone looked at compared Matthew to his child self, they would’ve shook their head and ask the generic ‘What happened to that sweet boy I knew?’ bullshit. If they were in his shoes, then they would’ve acted the damn same.

In record time, he got to Ahitlea  Gakuken  High. His highschool, where he was now a junior. It was the same routine every day. Chain his bike up, enter the music room, stay there until he had to start the day.

Needless to say, he was tired of this. And it didn’t help the fact that here, he was known to be ‘mute’.

No, he wasn’t mute because of a reason. It was Selective Mutism, but no one knew that.
Matthew slipped on his earbuds and listen to his music. He was also known as an outcast, for being ‘mute’ and listening to Japanese music. He knew there were others that did listen to anime music like him, but how was he supposed to talk to them if he was known for being mute?

From his appearance, it changed from his child self. Instead of his innocent looking eyes he had cold eyes that showed that he no longer wanted to be here. Kinda like eyes like a wolf.

He stomped his way over to the music room and let out a sigh as he plopped himself on the piano bench, scavenging through his messenger bag with one hand, and taking out his earbuds with the other.

‘There.’ He pulled out a few sheets of paper, all with scores on them. The main one he set up was called ‘Lost Time Memory’, one of the popular songs in the ‘Kagerou Project’.

Matthew let out a breath as he started to play.

'Here's to a start of another day I'm regretfully alive.' He thought as he played.
Yes, I am getting off my lazy ass to continue this story. Things have changed.

Alfred is no longer dead, but is no longer associating himself with his brother.

Matthew does not cut or have Anorexia, but he is depressed, thus his way of thinking differs from canon Canada.

Thank you all who have been waiting for this story.

The picture is by ~PruCanIsAwesome
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