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January 10, 2013
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Matthew stared wide eyed at the student at the doorframe. The teen walked up to Matthew and opened his arms. "Well? Aren't you going to at least say 'hi' to one of your best friends after ten long fucking years?" Matthew blinked before smiling widely (Which he hasn't done in a long time Author might add) and jumped into the Italian's arm. 'It is! It's Lovino!' Matthew thought brightly, and wrapped his skinny arms around his best friend.

Yes, in elementary school, Matthew had three best friends. Abel Morgens, the tough looking guy from Netherlands, Lovino Vargas, a potty mouth kid from Italy (Even though Matthew doesn't mind his language.) and Gilbert Beilschmidt from Germany. And Matthew was close with all of them…not the same could be said about each other, and it was funny when Lovino, Abel, and Gilbert would fight over who's Matthew's best friend. Until both Abel and Lovino had to go back to their home country. Leaving Gilbert to be Matthew's best friend. Look how THAT turned out.

Lovino frowned as they pulled away, seeing Matthew pulled out a notepad and scribbled
something on the pad.

it's so nice to see you after all these years Lovino! I thought you forgot about me!'

Lovino's eyebrow scrunched together before flicking Matthew's forehead. "Idiot, why the hell would I forget one of my best friends when I was little?" Lovino asked. "By the way, what happened to your voice?" 'Long story.' Matthew wrote, lying. "Well, we get to spend time like little kids again, huh?"  Matthew slightly nodded, and prayed to god that Lovino didn't bump into Gilbert. The bell rung, and Lovino and Matthew waved goodbye, but couldn't help but be a bit anxious. He hoped that prayer worked.


"What!? One of your childhood best friends came back!?" Carlos sputtered from his drink, looking at his Canadian friend. Matthew nodded and sighed, leaving against the wall.  
What's worse is, if Lovino sees Gilbert, then maybe all hell could break loose. I mean, they did fight a lot.

Carlos sighed. "Ay ay ay. It could be hell." Carlos looked at Matthew. It was only the sixth hour, which was a free period. Carlos lighted a cigarette and puffed out a ring. "You have to face the stupid past. It's like fate's a douche." Matthew nodded his head, he couldn't agree more. Lovino walked, since it's his free period as well, and spotted Matthew and Carlos. "Who the hell is this?" Lovino asked.

Lovino. This is Carlos, who was my friend since middle school.

Lovino didn't even look at the words as he dragged Matthew away from Carlos. "I don't approve. Who the hell do you think you are?" Carlos looked pissed and snapped at the Italian. "Well, I'm the friend that helped him get through middle school dumbass." Then Lovino and Carlos started to fight, making Matthew face palm. Never mind Lovino seeing Gilbert…Lovino seeing Carlos was hell enough. Thank fully that the bell rang, and the trio split to go to their next class.

After playing the violin in class today, Gilbert and Matthew started to walk home, only the two of them because Carlos had basketball and Lovino had to stay for an after school activity. How lucky, since if Carlos, Lovino, and Gilbert see each other…Matthew doesn't want to know.

Once they enter Matthew's apartment, they got to work on Gilbert's worst subject ever: Math.

Gilbert groaned as he plopped down on Matthew's kitchen table and watched Matthew pull out the Math textbook, his own notes, and a stack of new paper.

So Gilbert, what do you need help on? Matthew wrote on his notepad. "Vell, algebra's a real, so let's do one then." Gilbert said, pulling out one of his math problems in his bag.

After about an hour, Gilbert was ready to punch a wall.

"Agggh! I don't get this at all!! I know the stupid question but I keep getting the vrong answers!!!!!" Gilbert ranted while Matthew looked over his work with a complete poker face. Um…Gilbert. You do realize you would've got the right answer if you lined up your numbers, right? Gilbert stopped his ranting to look. "Vhat?" Gilbert deadpanned as Matthew held up his work, and the numbers were slanted. Come to think of it…. Matthew wrote, and brought up some of Gilbert's older work. You would've gotten a hundred on this test if you lined the numbers where it's supposed to be.
Gilbert looked at the paper. "So….you mean to tell zhe awesome me that the reason I was failing Algebra...was because my vork vas sloppy?" Matthew nodded his head and Gilbert let it out. " MEIN GOTT!!!! I VAS FAILING JUST BECAUSE I MISPLACED THE FUCKING NUMBERS VHEN I COULD'VE BEEN PASSING ATLEAST ONE OF MY CLASSES!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!??!" Gilbert ranted again, but with more volume.

Gilbert sighed. "Thank you for pointing that out for me Matthew…at least I can bring up my Algebra grade now." And suddenly, Gilbert hugged Matthew, and Matthew started to tremble slightly. "Oops! Sorry Matthew, I didn't know you didn't like hugs. That's the only one. I swear." Gilbert said and looked at the clock, reading 7: 05 already. "Vell, I'm going to go. Danke for zhe help Matthew!" And with that, Gilbert left, happier than before. Matthew stared at the door before putting a hand to his chest. Inside, his chest felt like it was blooming.

"…What…is this feeling…?" Matthew asked himself.


After explaining to his friends that he could now pass Algebra, they decided to have a drink. "I'm so happy!" Antonio preached. "My little Lovi has grown since ten years ago!" Antonio laughed before taking a swig of his beer. "Who? Lovino Vargas?" Gilbert asked, looking at his Spanish friend. "Si~" Antonio replied. "Ah I remember him, we used to fight about….something, but I can't remember what…" Gilbert muttered, his mind tugging lightly at something.

"Come on Gilbert!" A soft voice called as Gilbert ran up the hill, chasing after…a boy? The boy was too blurry, but even in its blurry state he knew that he had his arms open. Gilbert ran into the arms, feeling happy…but another feeling was in his chest...what was it?

Gilbert blinked. What was that? "Kesesesese~ I'm so awesome!"
Back again!

So, someone thought the mystery person was Gilbert. FAR FROM IT. OK, I like the idea of Romano and Canada being friends, I mean, who doesn't? And Abel's going to come...just. Not yet.

And No piano or violin pieces today folks.

Hetalia- Guy who made it.

Story- me
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randomfandom22 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
part four? does it exist?
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It will be coming soon. I still have to sort out a couple of things.
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'And Abel's going to come...just. Not yet.' *wriggles eyebrows* Oh IS he, now? ;3

This is really good~! I'mm gonna go find other chapters and read them now~! (And, sorry, I couldn't resist... My inner France was released today... *shiver*)
ThePsychoticEevee Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Student Writer
He will~ Just not yet :iconheplz:

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you have Romano and Canada as freinds too!
Prussia'ss story with Maths reminds me of mine...I HATE MATHS, IT HATES ME
ThePsychoticEevee Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Student Writer
We have a connection then~!
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Thank you!
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